Arin Kovak

Chief financier of Yokurgin


Arin Kovak is the King’s personal financial advisor and the chief financier of Yokurgin. Much of the country’s wealth and trade goes through him.

He is a confident and impatient man with a charming smile and a sharp sense of humour. Despite this, he is very serious about the state of the economy, and will do everything he can to see Yokurgin through the war with Fyrsobarthe.

Kovak is a tall, lean human with short white hair.


Kovak was born and raised in Marsheusis. His father Nyl was a banker and a close friend of Falos Dieszeus, the financial advisor to King Perecuse. When Falos died, Nyl took over the position.

Arin moved into Habrek Palace shortly before Perecuse died. The current King took the throne, and Nyl served him faithfully until he became too ill to adequately perform his duties. Arin took over as chief financier of Yokurgin, and has held the position ever since.

Arin Kovak

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