Anul Sinnadon

Sarcastic Raukath turron


Anul Sinnadon is a cocksure young turron, a miner and a member of the Dabhiz Association. He is short even for a turron, and has messy blonde hair.

Anul is outspoken and confident, and on more than one occasion, his mouth has gotten him into trouble. His two best friends are Deem Pargan and Senton Arguss, who are often forced to shut him up before his attitude causes problems.


Anul was born in Raukath to members of the Dabhiz Association. He was raised around well-to-do turrons, but as his parents were simple miners, he never felt as though he fit in. He took refuge in audacity, making jokes and sometimes obscene observations about his colleagues.

Anul’s parents attempted to rein him in, but at the age of seventeen he left home, setting up his own business. His membership witht he Dabhiz Association remained, and as he matured, he became more involved with the Association’s affairs, despite his attitude and sense of humour remaining much unchanged.

Anul Sinnadon

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