Angele Lengdon

Feisty tavern mistress


Angele Lengdon is an innkeeper and brothel madame in the town of Quarnse. She owns the Sapphire Saloon in the town. She is known as a feisty yet approachable woman, and she has a good rapport with many of her customers.

She is tall and buxom, with curly brown hair that she often wears up.


Angele was born to a poor family in Kagen, where she worked as a farmhand until she was seventeen.

She left Hagoph and travelled for a couple of years, settling in Quarnse when she was twenty. She worked as a barmaid in various establishments before, at the age of twenty-four, she opened her own saloon. The Sapphire existed as a place to drink for five years, until it expanded to become a brothel.

Angele has taken in several poor and homeless girls. She always gives them the option of working behind the bar, or offering other services, and many of them see her as a motherly figure.

Angele Lengdon

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