Aluis Saris

Garland tailor


Aluis Saris is a garland tailor based in the port of Shedhmi. He is known to be somewhat flamboyant, a rare character trait for garlands.

Aluis is short for a garland. He has striking blue eyes, and a boisterous, enthusiastic voice.


Aluis was born to affluent garland parents in the town of Glomewood in Hagoph. Intelligent and sociable, Aluis longed to open a tailor’s shop, and when he came of age, he travelled to the port of Shedhmi in to fulfil his dream.

Since Fyrsobarthe’s devastating attack on the town of Narshair, Aluis has seen a steady decline in his business. Even so, he works hard, and is always bright and pleasant to the rare customers he sees.

Aluis Saris

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