A.A. Pickett

Rancher and former soldier


A.A. Pickett is a rancher in the Spirilidon town of Quarnse. He is quiet but friendly, although some find him gruff.

Pickett is tall, almost 7’, with long white hair and a thick white moustache. He is seldom seen out of his battered brown duster and sturdy black boots.


Pickett was born in Quarnse to small-time rancher parents. As soon as he was old enough to help around the ranch, he did so, and he helped it expand, until it was one of the biggest ranches in the town.

When he reached adulthood, Pickett joined the King’s army, and was stationed abroad for many years. During this time, his parents died, and when he returned to Yokurgin, Pickett had the family home demolished and constructed his own dwelling which he called the Homber Lodge. He has since married, and has three children.

He has a bitter rivalry with Yrl Wystyrn, who owns Yokurgin’s largest tann farm.

A.A. Pickett

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